About Adam P. Murphy

I was struggling to get unblocked...

Even after being a professional actor for years, I was still feeling like something was holding me back from following my heart and finding true meaning in my life as an artist. I finally asked myself honestly where I wanted to be standing in five years, and now I walk fully in my purpose and power and can see clear progress everyday. (Surrounding yourself with good people helps, too!)

Few people I meet today believe I used to be painfully shy. I never liked being afraid and I knew I needed to find ways to express myself. Through my studies of acting, voice acting, improvisation, sales, marketing, interviewing, negotiating, hosting, singing, rapping, writing, directing, casting and comedy, I have come further from “the old days” than I ever thought possible, which is why I decided to help other people get to where THEY want to be and beyond.

man smiling in front of brick wall
portrait of man in from of street art

Adam P. Murphy

Acting Coach

I started my professional acting and voice acting career in 1998 in NYC. Along the way, I’ve had the pleasure of appearing on many stages, screens and airwaves, and also learned a ton about directing, producing, casting, marketing, sales, and coaching from a variety of classes, mentors and experiences.

Basically, I’m the guy that I wish I’d met when I first started my professional acting journey. I use my trained eye and ear to help people make strong choices and discover creative, strategic solutions. It takes commitment to start and consistency to finish. Acting skills are life skills and I take fun seriously!

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