Helping Actors & Everyday Stars Grow Careers

One-on-One Coaching to Help You Shine and Book

Helping Actors & Everyday Stars Grow Careers

One-on-One Coaching to Help You Shine and Book

See a Clear Path

Feel Motivated Every Day

Be Fulfilled

You Want to Live Your Dreams…But There’s a Problem

Any of These Sound Familiar?


Do you feel like you’re stuck in the same routine and can’t seem to BREAK OUT?


Do you struggle to pinpoint what you want or what to do next?


Or do you know where you want to be but can’t seem to get close enough?

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I was right there with you...

Adam P. Murphy, Acting Coach

I understand how you feel. I spent years figuring out how to be fullfilled as a professional artist but I didn’t have a clear sense if I was on the right track. I was dazed and confused (and scared). I felt like my chance to live a life aligned with my passions was shrinking with each passing year. But everything changed when I really started to listen to people who could and really wanted to help me.

After working closely with coaches, I finally understood where I was going wrong and what changes to make to make it right. The difference in my thinking and approach was so profound that I felt myself reach a level of clarity and purpose that I just had to share with others, and now I help people around the world unlock their creative potential and live a life they truly love. It would be an honor to do the same for you.

Signature Coaching Program

Are you ready to take your dream seriously?

In my 6 session program, THE KICKSTART, I’ll personally guide you along the path from where you are to where you want to be. We’ll uncover your true goals, work through your pain points, unlock your motivation, build your confidence, and equip you with the skills to live a life by your own design. To learn all the details and apply for one the few spots remaining, click the button below!

Ready to Live a Life You Love?

Three Steps Between You and Your Dream Life

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Create the Plan

I’ll help you map out a step-by-step plan to clarify what you want and how to get it

Live Your Best Life

Together, we’ll put the plan in action and create a life you will LOVE!

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